Internet retailer (having its Internet address at publishes this Agreement, which is in accordance with Art. 435, 437 of the Civil Code a Public Offer addressed to individuals, hereinafter – “the Purchaser” and expresses its intention to be concluded this public contract (hereinafter – the Agreement) with the Buyer to accept the offer to conclude a contract for the following conditions:


1.Terms and definitions.


In this Offer, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms have the following meanings:

“Offer” – a public offer of the Seller, addressed to the Purchaser, to conclude with him a contract of sale (hereinafter – the “Agreement”) on the existing terms and conditions contained in the Agreement.

“Acceptance” – full and unconditional acceptance by the Purchaser of the Offer conditions.

«Seller» – Vendetta Shop

“Buyer” – an adult, able-bodied person, having intention to order or purchase or ordering, purchasing or using goods exclusively for the personal, family, household and other needs not related to business activities.

“website” –

“Internet-shop” – a site owned by the Seller, located on the Internet at

“Goods” – goods for sale in the “Online Store.”

“Basket” – detached Buyer’s personal page on the site to carry out orders and personal data management.


2. Subject of the Agreement.


2.1 The seller is obliged to transfer goods intended for personal, family, household or other uses not related to entrepreneurial activity, to the Buyer in accordance with the order of the buyer procedure agreed in this Agreement, and the Buyer undertakes to accept and pay for the goods in the manner and time specified in the Agreement.

2.2. This Agreement is a public offer and contains all the essential conditions of the sale and purchase remotely through the Internet shop. This Agreement regulates the relations between the Seller and the Buyer.

2.3. Online Shop is assigned for remote sale of goods via the Internet.

2.4. This Agreement is an official document of the Seller and an integral part of the offer.


3. Ordering.


3.1. Buyer’s order can be executed only through a special service on the merchant site.

3.2. When making a purchase on the Site Buyer provides the following personal information: Full Name E-mail address phone number the delivery address.

3.3. Buyer is responsible for the accuracy and relevance of the provided information during the ordering process.

3.4. Seller is not responsible for the consequences arising providing false or inaccurate information, including when such information has led to a late delivery of Products.

3.5. The Buyer has the right to edit your registration information by himself. Seller does not change or edit the registration information of the Buyer without the latter’s consent. The Seller uses the data only for the conclusion and execution of the Agreement and does not provide it to third parties without the consent of the Buyer. The Buyer hereby gives its consent for its personal information processing for the purpose of executing sale and purchase agreement, as well as receiving information and direct messages, including direct connection with the Buyer by means of different communication tools

3.6. Giving personal details referred to in paragraphs 3.1. – 3.2. in the registration form on the website implies full and unconditional acceptance of this Agreement by the Purchaser (Acceptance).

3.7. After ordering, the Buyer provides information on the expected date of transfer orders to the delivery service. Estimated date is a period during which the Seller is obliged to transfer the Buyer’s order to the delivery service of Post of Russia. The date depends on the availability of the ordered goods at the Seller’s warehouse and the time required to process the order.

3.8. All information materials displayed at the Site are for reference only and may not fully convey true information about the properties and characteristics of the goods. The item could be slightly different from the illustrations on the site. The Seller undertakes reasonable efforts to match the color and the shape of goods as much as possible on the Seller’s website. In case the Buyer has questions concerning the properties and characteristics of the goods, he can contact the Seller to the address: before placing an order.

3.9. In case of the absence of the ordered goods at the Seller’s warehouse, including for reasons beyond the control of the Seller, the Seller is entitled to cancel the specified goods from the Buyer’s order and notify the Buyer.


4. Prices and payments.


4.1. The total cost of the order consists of the cost of the goods ordered by the Buyer in the shop and the cost of delivery.

4.2. Buyer pays for the order in any available and desired way at online store. Payment methods are listed on the website under “check out”.

4.3. Payment for Goods is the full cost of the goods specified on the website at the time of placing the order and the shipping cost.

4.4. The price of the goods is indicated on the site and is determined independently by the Seller.

4.5. The price of the goods presented on the website may be changed by the Seller at any time with any reason. The price of the already ordered goods by the Buyer can not be changed.


5. Delivery.


5.3. Seller will make every effort to comply with the terms of delivery specified on the site, however, delays in delivery are possible due to unforeseen circumstances that occur through no fault of Seller.

5.4. If delivery is delayed arising through no fault of the Seller, the Seller shall have no liability to the Buyer.

5.5. The risk of accidental loss or damage of the goods passes to the Buyer from the moment of transferring the goods and the receiving the Order by the Buyer. In the case of non-delivery the Seller shall reimburse the Buyer the cost of pre-paid Order after receiving confirmation of the loss from the shipping service.

5.6. Shipment is delivered to the Buyer or the person indicated as the recipient. In the absence of the Buyer or the Recipient indicated before in the place of delivery, the Order is given to the person who can present the document confirming payment for the order or order placement.

5.7. To prevent fraud, as well as to fulfill its obligations under the Order person who is taking care of the delivery have the right to request recipients ID.

5.8. In the case of non-delivery of the goods to the Buyer due to reasons beyond the control of the Seller and / or Delivery Service, the Order is sent to the Seller and the Seller returns the value of the goods the Buyer in case it was prepayed.

5.9. The goods are delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer when placing the order.

5.10. Seller is not responsible for the payment of taxes and other fees of a country of the Recipient. All taxes and fees related to the purchase and their delivery to the Buyer must be paid by the Buyer.


6. Terms of returns.


6.1. Buyer can return the product of improper quality to the Seller within 14 days after the purchase if the product was not in use and has retained its original appearance. The application for refund must be specified what kind of defect includes the returned goods. The difference of qualities such as shape and color of the goods from those stated in the description on the website is not a malfunction or dysfunction of the goods. The return of Goods shall be provided at the expence of the Buyer.

6.2. Due to remote sale process, goods changing can only be done by returning the goods and making of a new order for the same product.

6.3. In case of refusal to perform the contract, the Buyer must return the goods to the Seller. Reasonable demands for the returning of the amount paid may be granted only after the Seller receives the returned goods in the proper form.


7. Personal data processing.


7.1. Seller is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the information provided by the Buyer when ordering.

7.2. By providing your personal information to the Seller, the Buyer agrees to their processing as with the use of automation and without the use of automation, in particular the collection, storage, transfer (including cross-border transfer) to third parties and use of information by the Seller in order to fulfill obligations to Buyer in accordance with this Agreement.

7.3. The Buyer has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data by sending a notification to the address: In the case of receipt of Buyer’s notice of withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data, the Seller undertakes to remove the Buyer’s account from the Site.

7.4 .The Seller processes personal data of the Buyer: for placing an order on the Site; to meet its obligations to the Purchaser; for assessment and analysis of the Site; to determine the winner in stimulating activities carried out by the Seller.

7.5. Seller may send Buyer Posts advertising-information character, both the seller and its partners. If the Buyer does not wish to receive these emails, he must send a notice to the address:

7.6. Seller shall not disclose information received from the Purchaser. It is not considered a violation of the provision of information by the Seller to agents and third parties acting on the basis of an agreement with the Seller, to fulfill obligations to the Buyer.

7.7. It is not considered a violation of disclosure obligations in accordance with the valid and applicable legal requirements.

7.8. The Seller has the right to use recording technology «cookies» in the provision of the Buyer access to the Site. «Cookies» does not contain confidential information and are not transferred to third parties.

7.9. Seller is not responsible for the information spread by the Buyer using the Site in an accessible form.


8. Copyright.


8.1. All text information and graphics featured on the website of the Seller is the property of the Seller.


9. Validity and changing conditions of the Offer.


9.1. Offer comes into effect from the moment of its publication on the Internet site at and valid until withdrawal of the Offer by the Seller.

9.2. Seller reserves the right to amend the terms of the Offer and / or withdraw the Offer at any time at its discretion. In the event of changes in the Seller’s Offer, such modifications shall be effective upon publication on the website, unless otherwise such changes come into effect is not defined further in their publication.


10. Liability of the Parties.


10.1. The Seller is not responsible for the inability of customer service for any reasons beyond his control, including the disruption of communication lines, equipment failure, failure to fulfill obligations of suppliers of certain services, and so forth.

10.2. The Seller is not responsible for damage caused by the Buyer as a result of improper use of Products ordered on the Site.

10.3. The Seller is not responsible for the content and functioning of external sites.

10.4. The Seller under any circumstances shall not be liable under the Contract for the Offer:

a) Any consequential loss and / or loss of the benefit of the Buyer and / or third parties, regardless of whether Seller may anticipate such damages or not.

b) The use of (loss of use) and any consequences of the use of (the inability to use) the Buyer to choose their form of payment of the goods or services.

10.5. Without prejudice to the above, the Seller shall be released from liability for breach of the Agreement of the offer, unless the violation is caused by the action of force majeure (force majeure), including actions of the authorities, natural disasters, fire, flood, earthquake, lack of electricity, failures in a computer network, strikes, civil unrest, riots, any other circumstances, without limitation, may affect the performance of contract by the Seller of the offer.


11. Other conditions.


11.1. The Seller may assign or otherwise transfer rights and obligations arising from his relationship with the Purchaser to third parties.

11.2. Any notice required or permitted by the Agreement, must be made in writing. All notices must be written in English and sent to the notifying party to another party via e-mail, by fax or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

11.3. If any of the conditions of the Offer are invalid or illegal or may not enter into force in accordance with applicable law, such provision shall be allocated from the Offer and replaced by a new provision which best suits the original intentions contained in the Offer, the remaining provisions of the Offer (the Agreement) do not change and remain in force.

11.4. All issues unsettled by the Offer or the Agreement shall be governed by the civil legislation of the United States of America, CA. Disputes and disagreements that may arise in the execution of this Agreement shall be settled through negotiations between the parties to the Agreement. In case of failure to resolve the conflict through peaceful negotiations, the dispute is settled in court in accordance with the United States of America, CA legislation.

11.5. The agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Seller and Buyer. Seller does not assume any conditions and obligations relating to the subject of the Offer (the Order), other than those specified in the Offer. An exception may be cases where such conditions or obligations recorded in writing and signed by Seller and Buyer.